Monthly Archives: July 2012

Finally, it’s arrived !

rooftentAt long last we got the roof tent today, what a saga that turned into, having ordered it in November. Went over to Trek Overland to get it fitted and for a quick tutorial on how to set it up and put it away.

Very pleased with the tent and with a bit of practice we should be able to get it up and down quite quickly. They fitted the tent so it hangs over the back to clear the spare wheel, not sure I’m convinced by it like that but we’ll see how it goes when we get to use it in anger and may decide to move it further forward.

We’ve tried putting it up and away a couple of times in the drive since we got back and we kind of know what we’re doing with it now. Pam is the official “tent monkey” spending most of the time clambering around on the roof using the roll cage as a climbing frame.

D44 Winch Bumper

winchandbumper2Fitted the winch bumper and winch today. The winch isn’t wired up yet but it’s starting to come together. I want to wire it up in such a way that, in an emergency, the winch can be moved to the rear and mounted on a plate on the rear cross member – just in the off chance that going forward isn’t an option !

Also mounted the ARB compressor on the wheel arch behind the passenger seat. Eventually it will power the ARB lockers and the winch freespool as well as providing air for blowing tyres up.