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A test trip – day 2

imageOur second stop of our mini trip at Newton upon Rawcliff. The advantage of this particular site is that it’s at the back of a pub 🙂

The first job when we arrived was to figure out what had gone wrong with the fly sheet. As it turned out it was a simple problem – the buckles on the straps that hold the sheet on were all threaded the wrong way, allowing the straps to come loose.

10 minutes spent sorting the buckles out and we were good to go again.


A test trip – day 1

IMG_1456After dropping the tin tent back home we set off in the 90, this time with an itinerary of overnight stops at camp sites scattered across Yorkshire. This was to be a practice run allowing us to see how the 90 and the tent performed when touring and to see what worked and what didn’t with a few stops along the way.

imageThe weather was “variable” with strong winds and rain some days and clear blue skies on others. In a lot of ways it was the perfect shakedown.

The first night, which was also the worst weather of the trip was at Bungdale Head, this revealed a bit of a problem with the flysheet, as we found out in the morning after a night of strong winds and rain. As we were closing the tent up in the wind the flysheet tried to escape, we managed to get it put away but there was obviously something not right with it.

Off road testing

IMG_0226Well, we spent the August bank holiday weekend at a club event near Helmsley, we set the trial out on Saturday which gave us the opportunity to see how the suspension works off road. Initial testing revealed a problem with the amount of travel the rear shock absorbers are giving us – the top of the springs kept dislocating on the axle twisters, we’re going to have to get some relocation cones fitted. The transfer box problem (jumping out of low ratio) also reappeared so looks like another session will be needed to try and get more throw on the lever so it engages properly.

We put the roof tent up at the camp site (always good practice) and spent a night in it, odd with the caravan parked next door but we needed to test it 🙂

ICE anyone ?

Spent some time on the ICE in the hope that we’ll be able to actually hear the radio/mp3s. Very impressed with the way the solenoid mounts and connects to the winch motor.

The ICE work involved fitting another pair of Kenwood speakers in the rear (already fitted some in the front) and a small subwoofer behind the driver’s seat. Sounds good, the subwoofer makes a huge difference.

Also wired up the winch and ran the airline for the freespool, then put the rope on the winch so it’s actually possible to use it now.