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Giving it a lift

After1Big day today, finished changing the suspension over with new springs and the Koni rear shock absorbers. As well as the suspension change we fitted the new steel wheels and ST Maxx tyres. It’s starting to look a lot more purposeful now.

The Koni shock absorbers are the most aggressively gassed shockers I’ve ever come across. It took two of us and a ratchet strap to compress each one far enough to actually fit it and that’s on their lowest setting…

In the balance

Took the 90 to a local weighbridge today to find out how much it weighs now. Got a front and rear split weight as well as an overall weight so I can try and get the springs right to get the right ride height when it’s fully loaded.

Currently it has standard V8 springs which are fine for normal use but it sits a bit low for overland use, the ride is a bit harsh and it kept bottoming out last year on the coast to coast run with all the camping gear in the back.

The aim is to get it slightly higher at the rear than the back when fully loaded but not stupidly high when it’s not loaded and it’s being used for commuting.