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The wanderer returns

Ready to pick upToday marks the end of our Australian adventure proper as we drove down to Suffolk to collect the 90 from the shipping agent.

All was present and correct when we arrived, it felt strange to be reunited with it after all this time. I didn’t completely bolt the roof tent on as it takes a while to do up the rearmost nuts and bolts. To save time we just bolted the front two mounts and used a ratchet strap at the back.

After half an hour of tinkering and checking it over we headed north for the final leg of the journey home. As expected we got home without a hitch, kind of an anti-climax really but it’s nice to have the 90 back home.

Back home and safe in the driveWe can now start planning our next adventure although we’ll need to make some changes to our setup now as we’ve bought a puppy since returning from Australia and now we need to figure out a way of making room in the back for a dog !

The 90 needs some TLC, on the whole it survived the trip well but the front diff is getting noisier and will need rebuilding. I suspect the constant hammering it took in the Simpson Desert has taken it’s toll.

Back on home soil

The container (and hopefully the 90 inside it !) has now arrived back in the UK 🙂

The carnet has gone back to the RAC so we should get some money back and we are going down to the shipping company on Friday to collect it – can’t wait to have it back again.

The Java Sea – Jakarta

We have the tracking info for the container now. It left Sydney on July 13th and has been to Melbourne and then Adelaide and is now well on it’s way to Singapore where it will be transferred to another ship for the journey to the UK. It’s due to arrive in Felixstowe on August 31st.


Looking at the tracker the container ship is just off Melbourne now, due into Sydney on the 18th February.

Next stop Sydney !

The ship is currently docked in Fremantle (Perth) and is scheduled to leave today on the final leg for our container – the trip to Sydney. Just 2 weeks now before we’re due to meet up with our Land Rover again in Sydney and for the real adventure to begin, that’s scary !

Fremantle next stop

The container has now been transhipped and the ship is currently making it’s way into the Java Sea where it will start heading South to weave it’s way through the southern Islands. It’s due in Fremantle on 8th February before embarking on the final leg to Sydney to arrive on the 16th February.
There’s a YouTube clip of the “new” ship – the OOCL Houston from this time last year…

Arabian Sea

Position updates have been a bit sporadic due to the ship being away from any land based monitoring stations but got a ping this morning that shows it in the Arabian Sea, presumably heading towards Southern India/Sri Lanka.


The ship is just passing to the south of Crete and looks to be on schedule to enter the Suez canal sometime tomorrow.