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It’s gone !


The Land Rover is dwarfed by the transporter lorry.

The transport truck arrived this morning and the 90 is now on it’s way down under. Hopefully we’ll meet up again in Sydney 🙂

Still going over and over things in my head trying to think of anything we might have forgotten although anything we’re missing now will either have to be bought when we arrive or taken in our luggage… let’s hope if there is anything it’s not too big or too heavy !


Nifty Lift up body on the transporter

Although we don’t have a route or schedule planned for the trip, preferring to take things as they come, we’ll be compiling a list of places we’d like to visit, things we’d like to do etc… while we’re there and will post the list up here. Now the 90 has gone we might get some spare time to start some rough planning. So far the only fixed point in our trip will be the Melbourne GP as we have tickets booked for that already.


Hamburg err

Have had confirmation this morning of the ship and container details for the 90. The ship is currently in Hamburg and is due into Botany Bay a week before we arrive.


Been watching the tracking for the ship, it’s at in the channel at the moment, waiting to head into Southampton. Rather them than me in the current storms we’re having ! It seems the container will be loaded on the ship in Southampton as we’ve now got the location for the container as well as the ship.

While searching for some info on the container ship (APL Qingdao) we happened on a YouTube clip showing the ship leaving Southampton with our container on board…


The ship is just passing to the south of Crete and looks to be on schedule to enter the Suez canal sometime tomorrow.

Arabian Sea

Position updates have been a bit sporadic due to the ship being away from any land based monitoring stations but got a ping this morning that shows it in the Arabian Sea, presumably heading towards Southern India/Sri Lanka.

Fremantle next stop

The container has now been transhipped and the ship is currently making it’s way into the Java Sea where it will start heading South to weave it’s way through the southern Islands. It’s due in Fremantle on 8th February before embarking on the final leg to Sydney to arrive on the 16th February.
There’s a YouTube clip of the “new” ship – the OOCL Houston from this time last year…

Next stop Sydney !

The ship is currently docked in Fremantle (Perth) and is scheduled to leave today on the final leg for our container – the trip to Sydney. Just 2 weeks now before we’re due to meet up with our Land Rover again in Sydney and for the real adventure to begin, that’s scary !


Looking at the tracker the container ship is just off Melbourne now, due into Sydney on the 18th February.