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The end is nigh !!!

Well, the 90 is cleaned and packed with (hopefully) everything we need, all ready now for the truck to turn up tomorrow morning so it can be loaded up and sent on it’s way.

The last couple of days have been spent packing, unpacking, packing again and in the process we’ve added a number of additional tie down points so all the heavy items are strapped down and secured now. The dining room, which has been used as a “staging area” for the last year is looking very empty !

A few random pictures from my iPhone…

IMG_0429 IMG_0432 IMG_0433 IMG_0434

Progress Update

As the final week of prep seems to be flying by we do seem to be making some progress. All the external cleaning with the pressure washer and hand washing is now done and the bodywork has been polished.

After dithering over making a decision on the power steering box leak I finally decided that I would replace it with a reconditioned  one. The final deciding factor was when I realised that the current box is missing a dust seal on the output shaft. The reconditioned one is now fitted and seems to be leak free, let’s hope it stays that way !

Today was spent cleaning out the front passenger area of the vehicle, doing more under bonnet cleaning and a couple of maintenance jobs including replacing the serpentine belt with a new one. We’ll have spares with us but no point in starting off with one that’s already well worn !

By the time we ran out of light the front interior was all cleaned and put back together again and I’m banned from getting in the front now unless I’m wearing a forensic suit. The engine compartment is all back together again so tomorrow we’ll finish cleaning the rear cargo area and I’ll probably spend the day underneath it with a torch, some cleaning rags and a bag full of zip ties 🙂



Let cleaning commence…

IMG_0484One more week to go before the 90 goes in a container to begin it’s journey to Sydney. A good part of the remaining time is going to be spent cleaning both the Land Rover and everything that is going in it as well as making a manifest and some last minute bits and pieces that we’ll no doubt discover as we start to pack it.

We decided to hire a hot jet wash for a couple of days to clean the underside off. Unfortunately the first one that arrived wouldn’t work and by the time we discovered that on Saturday afternoon the hire place was closed. This meant we had to wait until this afternoon for a working one to arrive but at least the new one seems to be doing the job. To give a bit more room underneath we used the challenge wheels/tyres of my competition Land Rover to drive onto. It’s nowhere near as dirty underneath as mine was last time but then it’s not spent any time sat in a peat bog !

Hopefully this time we’ll get through the quarantine inspection without any issues when we get to Sydney ! (Although I’m not sure I believe ANY vehicle will be clean enough to miss out on spending a few hundred dollars with their cleaning service)