Help in the preparation and planning and inspiration for our trip has come from a number of sources including family, friends and businesses (and in many cases fall into at least 2 of those categories  !)

We’d like to thank everyone that has helped in any way during the long road so far. In no particular order, the following businesses have helped us along the way….
Brendan and Barbara at 4×4 Overland have been a constant source of advice and have supplied us with a number of those “essential” overland items. They’ve “been there” so their advice and much of the equipment they offer is just the job.
Patrick at Maddison 4×4 has been the “go to guy” for all the engine and transmission modifications as well as the occasional “loan” of a ramp when I’ve needed it.
Matthew at MKS Classic is a constant source of good advice around vehicle preparation, if you can get him off the subject of Mountain Bikes 🙂
Mike’s attention to detail is infuriating at times as he goes around your motor and points out all the small bits and pieces that you really should have spotted yourself ! It’s a very useful trait when planning an overland trip though and hopefully his attention to details will pay dividends when we’re in the outback.
CARS have, so far at least, made the shipping process relatively pain free, organising everything and keeping us well informed of the progress. Having dealt with less efficient shippers in the past and having it all go pear shaped as a result it’s been relatively relaxing watching the vehicle/container being where it should be, when it should be !
Protection and Performance were the only people we’d go to for the custom roll over protection we wanted for this trip. As usual they didn’t disappoint and the resulting cage meets all our requirements admirably although we hope never to give it the ultimate test !
It’s maybe only a small thing but the way MaxTrax responded to our request for parts and the speed with which they arrived was a real lesson to some of the companies we’ve dealt with (not listed here !). Not only did they have no problem shipping to the UK the parts actually arrived the day before some items we’d ordered from UK suppliers the same day. We were so impressed we thought they deserved an honourable mention.