Brakes sorted

IMG_0325This weekend was a chance to catch up on some maintenance and servicing jobs. My competition Land Rover ate it’s front prop shaft while pulling the caravan back from the bank holiday trials weekend so Saturday was devoted to some well overdue TLC for that given the 90 has been taking most of my spare time up.

With the competition motor back up to spec I set about servicing the brakes on the 90. The front brakes are the vented type from a Range Rover and the callipers are the best part of 20 years old. I rebuilt them nearly 10 years ago with new pistons and seals but they are probably one of the oldest components of the vehicle so well overdue for replacement.

Today was spent replacing the two front callipers along with one of the brake lines that looked a bit borderline. Along with the callipers I changed the rotors/disks too so with a new set of brake pads it should give a bit more bite under braking. I’ll swap the rear disks out too at some point as there’s no point in starting the trip with components that aren’t 100%.

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