Proper 4×4 now !

We finally had a bit of sunshine today, such a contrast to our weekend away in freezing temperatures !

Anyway, we got the last few bits and pieces we needed from Ashcrofts to complete the front axle conversion so I spent the day stripping the front axle and fitting the front ARB locker and the Ashcroft shafts, CVs and modified stub axles. So, with ARB locking diffs front and rear we have guaranteed 4 wheel drive with the ability to lock both axles as well as the centre diff.

The only bit I was missing were the two circlips and the shims that hold and adjust the end float on the CVs. The drive flanges used to have them in the same box but that was 5 years ago and since then they’ve been to Australia and back and hauled around the UK to a number of challenge events. Somewhere along the way the circlips went AWOL.

As a temporary solution I borrowed the ones off my challenge motor but I’ll need them back for the trial next weekend !

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